Best Console Gaming Chair

Best Console Gaming Chair in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Sitting on the chair or sofa while playing the game for a long time in a day may be risky for your back. As it may develop some backbone issues due to the long hours of continuous playing while sitting in the same position.

Best Console Gaming Chair

A quality gaming chair is not only essential for PC gamers, but it is also likewise essential for the console gamers. Because the best console gaming chair not only offers a comfortable environment but also helps you to get engaged with your game more efficiently.

So it is very important for a console gamer that he must own a quality gaming chair. A quality-built gaming chair is made out uniquely to support the natural curves of your spine. Such chairs are super comfy, portable, and fit well in your living rooms.

But every gamer has different needs and tastes in terms of budget, comfortability, size, capacity, and durability. Some players are concerned about the budget of the chair. In contrast, some are worried about the comfortability and portability of the chair.

But in my opinion, all these factors are essential. Not only these few factors, but it is also crucial to look at all the facets of each console gaming chair. And because of the features, all the gamers get confused in choosing the best pick for themselves.

So we have curated this list of the best and top-selling console gaming chairs for you. These are all rich in features, and this review article shows with crystal clarity. Find out your favorite model based on your personal preferences.

Top 5 Best Console Gaming Chairs in 2022:

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1.   X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Gaming Chair – Gaming chair compatible with nintendo switch.


Type: Gaming chair

Material: Vinyl and metal is used for its construction

Dimensions: 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Backed by 90 days limited warranty

More Features: Supportive pedestal base, Two speakers and a subwoofer is integrated, Control panel is included

X-Rocker is built to offer you a superb quality pressure-relief seat that is very useful during your long gaming hours. The experts and specialists used their skills in making this beast for the gamers. The Pro Series from X-Rocker seats are one of the best console gaming chair.

This ergonomic chair from the X Rocker has a tilt and swivels supportive base that permits the user to rotate this chair in every direction he wants to rotate.

No need to waste your energy and space as this chair is easy to fold and store. So that this chair can not take much space, and you can enjoy other activities by free up the extra space in your room.

High-quality vinyl fabric is used in its upholstery. The entire design of the chair is ergonomic. The seat comes with a high-back that is completely wrapped into the cushions for giving a super-comfort zone for your gaming session. Moreover, the headrest is filled with padding.

The most crucial point about this chair is that it is equipped with vibrating motors. The amazing vibrating motors are embedded into the chair that is designed to offer sensation to the whole-body. This sensation is just like the hand-massage that helps to provide relaxation to the body.

The vibrating motors are actually integrated to increase the gaming experience of the user by giving full-body sensation. These motors are uniquely built and are programmed to sync with the audio base tones.

The built-in radio wireless receiver and integrated wireless transmitter work with any source. It can work with RCA stereo outputs for which optional RCA cables are included in it. This seat is compatible with all the gaming systems.

And if we talk about its compatibility, then this chair is compatible with Xbox games, PlayStation games, and also with multiple types of other gaming systems.

Also, it comes with two built-in speakers integrated into the headrest along with subwoofer 2.1 AFM technology that lets you enjoy a whole new level of the game.


  • I/O jacks are available
  • Easy to use control panel
  • It can link with multiple chairs
  • Leather lounging game chair
  • A little assembly is required



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2.   X Rocker SE 2.1 Video Gaming Chair – Playstation gaming chair.


Type: All-purpose gaming chair

Material:  Synthetic, black faux leather, metal

Dimensions: 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Warranty: 90-days warranty

More Features: Two speakers and four subwoofers, Lumbar and neck support, Foldable

This chair is a versatile chair that you can fearlessly place everywhere you want. It fits well in every place, whether you place it in front of your TV, your office desk, or somewhere in your living room. In short, this chair will consistently encourage you with its extraordinary highlights.

Come straight to its frame construction, we are pleased to announce that this chair is made out of high-quality material. The entire structure or you can say that the skeleton of this chair is made out of metal that is enhanced by high-thickness flexible foam for maximum solace.

This best console gaming chair is wrapped into a premium quality leather material that is high in wear-safe, stain safe, and water-safe features. Its unique style of high backrest leaning back flexible contributes to reducing back pain due to the long hours of continuous gaming sessions.

This chair features an audio force modulation technology in which 2 speakers and 4 subwoofers are included for maximizing sound quality. It incorporates a sound transmission wireless connectivity system in this chair.

It consists of 2 speakers and 4 subwoofers that gives you a heavy bass sound to intensify your game, movie, or music.

And come to the stability of this chair, its supportive base makes this seat more unique and stable as it comes with a pedestal base. So the user can rotate the chair at its pivot point with the maximum stability and enjoy the game with much ease.

Compatibility is one more important factor in console gaming chairs. This chair can connect with Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3, CD, DVD, and all other home theatre systems. So this chair eliminates the need to go to the theatre and pays more, as with this chair you can enjoy the theatre view at your home.

A lot of headphone jacks are available in this seat that let you plug in your headphones and customize the settings accordingly. You can control the bass as well as the volume at the same time to your desired level. The control panel on one side of the chair offers you separate volume and bass controllers.


  • Connect with multiple chairs at once
  • Ergonomic design
  • Foldable
  • Black leather ensures durability
  • It is a little low for taller people



3.   X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair – Best xbox gaming chair.


Type: High-tech audio and wireless capacity gaming chair

Material:  Wood, metal, and vinyl are used in upholstery

Dimensions: 29.1 x 22 x 20.9 inches

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Warranty: 90-days warranty

More Features: Foldable, AFM technology, Ergonomic back support, Padded headrest

One more console gaming chair by the X-Rocker brand. This chair is another Rocker that takes your gaming level to a whole new level, where you can enjoy your games along with your desired music. The advanced AFM technology is used in this chair to enhance your level of gaming.

B est console gaming chair exclusively equipped with a tough leather material that is filled with soft pads for providing you with much comfort and solace while playing video games. The highlighted benefits in this chair are stabilizing armrests, pressure-relieving base, and its lumbar support.

Comprises of the built-in high-quality speakers, along with ported power subwoofers, take you a new world of gaming. With the super-quality audio force modulation technology, this seat from the X Rocker provides the full immersion gaming experience.

Moreover, a control panel is attached on the bottom side of this seat, which is beneficial for the console players to easily control the volume and bass of the sound. Additionally, it comes with input and output jacks that are used for the connection of multiple audio sources.

It doesn’t end up here, it comes with four forward-facing pre-assembled speakers with an audio force modulation technology. The ported power subwoofers are designed that provide enough immersive experience with the game so that a user will feel himself into the game.

Usually, a lot of gaming chairs are designed in such a way that it occupies much space in your room, but this rocking chair doesn’t need a lot of space. It is engineered in such a way that as it can fold easily. It includes gunstock arms for secure storage.

It is actually a floor rocker chair that allows the user to get engaged in the game and beat the level of inferiority. It boosts the sound quality and enhances your experience by its integrated speakers of the chair.

Furthermore, vibration motors are included in this seat that is programmed to sync with the audio bass tone and generate sensation in your full body.

In this way, it keeps you entertained and involved in the game with maximum concentration and comfort. Also, this chair is compatible with Xbox, PS, Nintendo Wii, etc


  • Multi-game mode provider jacks
  • Faux leather is used
  • Pressure-relieving base
  • The weight limit is 275 lbs.
  • Gaming chair xbox
  • Stiff armrests




4.   X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Video Gaming Floor Chair.


Type: Bluetooth compatible gaming chair

Material:  Polyester back with PU seating surface

Dimensions: 36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89 inches

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Warranty: 90 days limited

More Features: Built-in Bluetooth, Pressure-relieving base, optional RCA cable is included, I/O jacks

One more video gaming chair by the X Rocker. This model of the X Rocker is an exclusive package for those who are searching for a rocker gaming chair in which an integrated speaker facility is available. So it is not the wrong choice for console gamers.

Basically, this rocker gaming chair model 2.1 is an upgraded model of the X Rocker 2.0 rocking chair. This seat is uniquely built for all those who want to enjoy music with their gaming session. This console gaming chair comes with several features that are useful for a gamer.

Featuring an ergonomic design that makes it the best chair for long sessions of gaming. This race seat styled ergonomic chair features a wireless Bluetooth connectivity option that is the best and unique feature in this chair.

This best console gaming chair is made out of faux leather that wraps the chair into padded cushions. The cushions are padded or segmented from the middle part of the seat. This segmentation is ideal for lumbar support.

With this built-in wireless Bluetooth connection, the user is able to connect with any device that is compatible with Bluetooth function.

The built-in receiver of this seat permits the players to play his favorite audio music without using any wire. Just connect your seat Bluetooth with your laptop, smartphone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device and make your gaming session more enjoyable.

Moreover, featuring two forward-facing speakers with powerful subwoofers. These speakers and subwoofers are designed to provide an immersive media experience. Enjoy your favorite music with your favorite game by sitting on a comfortable seat.

Furthermore, space-saving seats and gadgets are a concern for many people who own small living space. So you are lucky to get this seat as it is foldable and a space-saving seat that can be store easily anywhere you want.

Also, this foldable chair highlights a user-friendly control panel that comes with a separate volume and bass control options. Additionally, this control panel features some input and output jacks that enable the user to connect multiple gaming chairs with it.


  • Foldable
  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very low to the ground
  • Not equipped with a wheelbase


5.   X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Sound Wireless Video Foldable Gaming Chair – kids gaming chair.


Type: Wireless audio pedestal gaming chair

Material:  Metal and padded vinyl are used

Dimensions: 29.13 x 16.14 x 30.91 inches

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs


More Features: Pressure-relieving base, Lumbar support, 2 speakers, 4” ported subwoofers

This chair is a professional and modern style gaming chair that is suitable for console gamers as well as for office use also. If you are looking for a wide assortment of a comfy seat that gives you super solace during your gaming hours then this seat from X Rocker offers you an extraordinary chance to reliably replace your old chair with this comfy seat.

The unique design of this chair is not only to attract the people towards it, but it is also productive in providing comfort. During your extensive hours of continuous gaming sessions, this chair is incredible in offering ultimate satisfaction and solace to your whole body.

From its top to bottom, this best console gaming chair is a complete masterpiece from the X Rocker. For providing rest to your head during the break time in your game, this seat features a plush headrest. And for enjoying music during the game, this chair highlights an audio force modulation technology.

It comes with four speakers along with powerful subwoofers with AFM technology. These speakers and subwoofers are integrated inside the chair at different positions to enhance the level of gaming and involve the user in the game.

The built-in vibration motors, in addition to the bass tones, allow the player to feel every single moment of the game. The user will feel the game as he is playing the game in reality. The speaker’s quality is so high that the whole room will present an image of the theatre.

There come many console gaming chairs that are restricted to connect with limited gaming systems. But unlike such types of gaming chairs, this seat is compatible with PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U, and Nintendo.

And it is not limited to the gaming systems only; it is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, TV, DVD, and Blu-ray.

Let’s talk about its construction, then you will come to know that this beast is made out of wood and metal frame. These materials are usually used for the construction of chairs as these materials are helpful for the durability.

Moreover, the control panel is designed at the position where the user hand can reach quickly and easily. The tilt and swivel pedestal base ensure a stable gaming experience without the fear of falling the user.


  • Easy tilt mechanism
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Padded armrests
  • A little expensive



Buyer’s Guide:

The buying guide section is specially written for all those who are new in the world of console gaming and who want to get a comfortable gaming chair for themselves.

But before purchasing best console gaming chair, you should consider some points first. If you have not decided which seat will better fit your needs, so read this list of factors to settle on an ultimate conclusion.

Check these crucial things for a better understanding of the console chairs. There are a lot of players who evenly don’t know about the difference between a PC and a console gaming chair. They mistakenly buy the PC gaming chair instead of a console.

So to avoid such types of mistakes, you must get some knowledge about both types of gaming chairs.

Clear the difference between PC and console gaming chairs 2021:

  • Best console gaming chair: PC gaming chairs are actually designed in such a way that it can bend over a desk easily. These chairs are used in front of a desk, so these are not the floor height seats.
  • Console Gaming Chairs: This type of chair is designed to offer the user to sit from a distance of the screen. These chairs rest very low on the ground.


Types of  Gaming Chairs:

  • Bean Bag: The most budget-friendly type of console gaming chair. It is a versatile seating choice that allows the users to adjust their sitting position in the desired manner and fits in with the body. This option is also helpful in watching movies, reading, and sometimes best for sleeping.
  • Rocker: This type of console gaming chair is similar to the fidget spinner. These are very supportive chairs in which you can give rest to your whole upper body as well as your legs too.
  • Pedastal: One more type of console gaming chairs in which these chairs provide a sort of bounce back and forth. It is not a full-rocking motion chair, but it is best in maintaining stability.
  • Arm Chair: This type is considered as the sofa also and is designed for those who are more concerned about the comfortability features instead of the rocking and bouncing features. These chairs come with a footrest and offer storage space as well.
  • WheelBase: These gaming chairs are a standard type of gaming chair that comes with caster wheels. It was actually engineered to meet the needs of PC gaming chairs, but nowadays, it is using as a console gaming chair.

Points to consider:


  • Comfortable:

As the gamers used to spend most of their time in front of the screens while sitting on their chair, so it is very important to take care of comfort. Console gaming chairs are built with extreme comfort in mind, so it means you will never get tired after a long gaming session.

  • Features:

Console gaming chairs mostly come with extra highlighted features like immersion technology, speakers, and much more.

So be ensure that you get a decent number of useful features at the cost you are paying. If you are a professional gamer, ensure that your seat has a satisfactory speaker quality and also features vibrating motors that can sync with the audio bass tones.

  • Material:

Leather and vinyl are indeed the most preferable textures for the gaming seats. These are easy to clean materials. But it varies from model to model, check for your preferred model, and the material it is offering you. Go for the model that accompanies the durable material.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1)   Are gaming chairs worth the money?

Yes, the gaming chairs are worth the investment for gamers who have to spend half of their day sitting on it. A quality gaming chair helps to maintain the natural curve of the spine and teach the user how to sit with correct posture.

  • 2)   What is the unique thing about gaming chairs?

The best and unique thing about the gaming chairs is that it comes with a high backrest. Its backrest is designed higher than the typical office chair. This is the reason gaming chairs are best for the back as it supports your back as well as your shoulders too.

  • 3)   What is the best-budget console gaming chair in this listing?

The best-budget and wallet-friendly console gaming chair are the X Rocker SE 2.1 Video Gaming Chair. It only costs 159$, which means it will not make much scratch on your wallet. It is an all-purpose gaming chair under the budget of 200$.


We offered you five best models of a best console gaming chair from the X Rocker brand. But our best pick from this list is X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1.

It comes with high-quality speakers, pressure-relieving base, lumbar support, secure tilt mechanism, attractive design, and padded armrests. Although it is an expensive option, it highlights all the necessary features that a gamer would need during console gaming.

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