Best Gaming Chairs Reddit – Buyer’s Guide 2020 – 2021

Gaming chairs are the primary weapon for every gamer. Serious gamers know the importance of having a proper gaming chair. Gaming enthusiasts are obsessed with fancy gaming chairs that provide excellent support.

Best Gaming Chairs Reddit


There are plenty of options available in the market for choosing a gaming chair. The options get very limited when you have to choose the Best Gaming Chairs Reddit under a budget.

Therefore we came up with this list of best gaming chairs Reddit. We included all these chairs in our list of best gaming chairs reddit after thorough research and self-testing. Let’s get into it see what gaming chairs are on our list.

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Best Gaming Chairs  Reddit 2020 – 2021 List

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1. Homall Gaming Chair Review

Hollmall Gaming Chair is our top pick for the best gaming chair under 100$. This gaming chair uses some of the most premium quality materials. It uses the high-density foam that dramatically increases the comfort level of the chair and at the same time increases the service life.

It also boasts the ultra-thick steel frame that provides proper support to the chair and enhances the durability and sturdiness dramatically. The PU leather coated on the chair is very skin-friendly and tested against everyday wear and tear. All in all, the materials used for the manufacturing of this chair are top-notch.

Rubber casters used in this chair are quiet. These casters are tested and they provide 1000 miles of rolling before signing out. We don’t think someone needs better casters than the one used in this chair. The Hollmall Best Gaming Chairs Reddit offers 360 Degree Swivel makes the rotation of the chair a bliss.

Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder easily provides supports up to the weight of 300 LBS. The gas cylinder makes it possible to adjust the height of the chair according to the height of your gaming pc for a better gaming experience.

The cushion and headrest are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your preference. If you are in a mood to rest this chair can be reclined to 180 degrees. You can lean back and just relax on the flat chair and this chair will handle your balance perfectly fine.

You can make this chair rock back and forth by changing the position of the knob present below the seat. Holmall also offers a one-year limited warranty for this chair that is amazing.

Final Words:

The Holmall gaming chair is the best gaming chair under 100 available in the market. This gaming chair has a very premium and comfortable feel. It uses high-quality foam that is neither too soft nor too hard and feels just right. The 1.5 inches thick steel frame increases the sturdiness of the chair.

This chair also uses the top quality PU leather that is super friendly to the skin and at the same time provides resistance from everyday wear and tear.

This chair can support up to 300 pounds of weight without a problem. The adjustable gas cylinder spring makes it possible to enjoy the games at the right eye level. The casters used in the base of the chair are very quiet and provide excellent support in portability.

This chair has all the features that you should be looking in a chair under a hundred bucks! It has premium quality materials used, provides excellent support, comes with a one-year warranty. The only lacked feature we missed in the chair is that it does not feature adjustable armrests.

If you are looking for the Best Gaming Chairs Reddit. It’s the way to go.


  • Pu Leather
  • High-Density Foam
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Up to 300 pounds weight support
  • Height Adjustable
  • Quiet rubber casters
  • Best Gaming Chairs Reddit Comes under warranty


  • No adjustable armrests
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2. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a premium quality gaming chair at a very affordable price. It includes features that are otherwise available on the high-end gaming chairs. To make your gaming experience relaxing, this chair comes with top-notch breathable leather.

The chair has an ergonomic design that contours to the shape of the body. The headrest pillows provide an ample amount of support to your body through its racing car seat inspired design.

This chair has 360 swivel rotation and the 180 degrees tilt recline offers you to relax after a heavy gaming session or just chill in a comfortable position after the hard study for your exams.

If you regularly move your chair around the room, you will be glad to know that this chair comes with mute rolling wheels that don’t make any noise when moving around.

The armrests of the chair can be removed if you are not comfortable with the armrests. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair has a very solid construction with the use of metal in its construction and easily handles weight up to 300 lbs.

Final Words

Devoko Ergonomic Best Gaming Chairs Reddit has a very eye-catching design that is inspired by the racing cars. The frame of the chair is made from the metal and makes the chair very solid and durable. On top of the chair, the ultra-breathable leather makes the long-gaming session extremely comfortable.

The headrest and the backrest pillows are removable and provide an ample amount of support to the body. This chair supports full roll back to 180 degrees horizontally. The 360 swivel rotation is another cool feature that this chair offers.

The explosion-free gas spring easily inclines and declines to your preferred position. This gaming chair also features ultra-quiet wheels that do not make scratches on your wooden floor.

With all the above features combined and the excellent support offered by Devoko, this chair is an excellent option for the people who are looking for a quality entry-level gaming chair. This gaming chair is the best gaming chair under 100$. You will be pressed very hard to find this quality at this price.

The only downside we experienced with the chair is that the armrest is not moveable.


  • Racing Car Styled Design
  • 180 Degrees Recline
  • 360 Degrees Swivel
  • Mute Casters
  • 300 lbs Weight Support


  • Fixed Armrests
  • Screws Get Loose
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3. Furmax Gaming Chair Review

Furmax Gaming Chair has a very ergonomic design that will support your long gaming sessions. This chair comes with a variety of features that put this chair in our list of best gaming chairs under 100. It has a racing car inspired seat that is superb for long office sittings or extensive gaming rounds. Regardless of the gaming scenario, this chair would not disappoint you.

The frame of the chair is build of high-quality steel that can support the weight of 310 pounds easily. On top of the frame, the PU leather, bucket seat, and ultra-thick padding provide an outstanding experience. The PU leather is wear & tear resistant and a very comfortable feeling to the skin. The thick padding bucket seat supports the body without cause fatigue in the body.

The pneumatic gas lift system is very sturdy and helps you in the height adjustment. Furmax gaming chair comes with a 180 degrees recline functionality. You can easily tit the chair according to your mood – perfect for long gaming sessions. The footrest of the chair enhances the ergonomic designs and helps you to increase productivity.

The armrests of the chair offer very nice padding for extra comfort and can be removed easily. The 360 degrees swivel rotation and the mute rolling aid in the portability of the chair.

The assembling of the chair is very easy and can be done within 30 minutes. Overall, a Best Gaming Chairs Reddit at this budget.

Final Words:

The Furax gaming chair is a great gaming chair under 100 bucks. This gaming chair is a perfect mixture of looks and functionality. It has a very solid design that is capable of carrying weight up to 300 lbs. To offer a great sitting posture, this chair comes with a bucket seat that is coated by a bunch of padding and PU leather.

To increase the comfort level, this chair comes with a pre-configured footrest,  headrest and back pillow. The chair can be adjusted via the recline controls, tilt controls, and the swivel moment. So, you can always have the comfort of choosing the perfect position.

In order to offer you the maximum peace of mind, Furax ships this chair with a one-year warranty, all the tools required for the assembling of this chair and top of all, excellent customer support.

The reason for putting this chair down is its weak hydraulic system. This chair has a good hydraulic system but does not hold to its claims. The hydraulic get down if you have a heavy body.


  • Bucket Seat
  • Foot Rest
  • Removable Armrests
  • 180 Degrees Recline
  • Excellent Quality PU Leather


  • Weak Hydraulic System
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4. Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair Review 

The fourth contender in our list is also from Furmax. This time its a high-back gaming chair that can be used in the office as well. The frame of this chair is made up of tubular steel that is very reliable and sturdy.

It has a very high thickness sponge that is coated by the black carbon fibre for excellent reliability and comfort. The carbon fibre leather is super friendly to the skin and provides resistance against normal daily wear and tear. This chair has a very beautiful design that catches the attention of the eye.

The seat of the Furmax High-Back gaming chair is a pleasure to sit on. The headrest and the back pillow provide very comfortable sitting posture. There is an explosion free gas kit used in the hydraulics of the chair which provides excellent position adjustment opportunity. This hydraulic system can support a weight of 300 lbs.

This chair can provide you comfort in every sitting position. You can tilt it back to 180 degrees so that you can relax after a heavy gaming session or tiresome task at the office.

It is very convenient to move the chair around all thanks to the 360 swivel and the mute casters. The casters used in this chair are quiet and do not leave any mark or scratches on the floor.

The assembling of the chair is not a problem. There is a guide about assembling and the chair can be assembled easily in 15 minutes. This chair comes under a one-year limited warranty just like all the other Furmax chairs.

Final Words:

The Furmax high-back gaming chair is a pleasure to have. This game chair has a very solid finish. It uses tubular steel in this construction.

There is a carbon fiber coating that makes this chair very comfortable and at the same time durable. The 180 degrees tilt, 360 swivel, quiet casters, and the height adjustment functionalities make this chair a reliable choice for gamers.

This chair is very easy to assemble and it requires less than 15 minutes to fully assemble the chair. It also comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty. All in all its a very comfortable gaming chair that is stylish as well. The only downside of the product we noticed is that the seat is a bit hard.


  • Comfortable Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Mature Looks
  • Solidly Built
  • Plenty of Adjustments


  • The seat is a Little Hard
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5. Best Office Gaming Chair Review

This gaming chair is designed for your ultimate comfort and pleasure. It comes with a very durable steel frame that supports the body of the chair. This gaming chair can support weight up to 250 lbs. On top of the chair, there is premium quality leather that provides excellent support.

The design of the chair is ergonomic, giving you a new level of mobility whether you are working or enjoying the latest games. The headrest of the chair is fully moveable and at the same time very comfortable. This chair has extra-thick padding for making the seating experience even more relaxing.

The arms of the Best Gaming Chairs Reddit are very nicely padded and can be flipped very easily. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to your comfort level so that you can enjoy the pleasure of games at your eye level.

The hydraulic system of the chair is BIFMA certified which means that this chair has some serious quality height control system. Just like the hydraulic system, this chair also has a very nice quality 360 degrees swivel and quiet caters.

360 degrees swivel and the quiet caster make it possible to move the chair easily. This PcOffice gaming chair will give a very modern and appealing look to any computer desk whether it’s in your office or home.

Final Words:

The Best Gaming Chairs Reddit is an excellent addition to any desk. It provides premium price functionalities at a very reasonable price. The metal frame of the chair is top-notch and supports everyday wear and tear very easily.

The PU leather and the padding make the sitting experience perfect. To offer you the ability of posture customization, this chair comes with height adjustment and lean adjustment features. These features let you enjoy the proper ergonomic position.

The 360 degrees swivel and the casters are excellently designed to move around. Arms of the chair are padded nicely and can be flipped off completely. This chair has a very ergonomic design and reduces the chances of having pain due to long-sittings.

The assembling of the chair is very easy. With the provided manual it requires less than 15 minutes to fully assemble the chair. The problems we encountered with the chair are very limited warranty-90 days and a bad odor noticed when opening the chair package.


  • Excellent Design
  • Flip-able Arm Rests
  • Nice Padding
  • Easy to Assemble
  • BIFMA Certified Gas Cylinder


  • 90 Days Warranty Only
  • Bad Odor is Noticed Upon Opening
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