Best Recliners For Tall Men

Best Recliners For Tall Men in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a taller person and looking for a comfortable and heavy-duty recliner for you? Well, finding a perfect pick for a demanding condition is a little difficult task. Likewise, finding the best recliners for tall men might be a challenging situation for you.

Best Recliners For Tall Men

Taller men as being so tall get a lot of benefits, but at the same time, they get many disadvantages of being so tall. They don’t get their perfect fit at all times. They face a lot of problems while finding the right fit for cars, clothing, and even furniture.

Same as when it comes to the point of finding a perfect recliner for them that will suit their height and size, they get stuck there. Because mostly the recliner models are designed for the persons of average height and size.

They may end up purchasing an average-sized recliner that only increases their discomfort and causes a poor fit. By sitting on an average-sized recliner, tall men may even find it difficult to stand up because it sits closer to the ground.

Ok, no need to get worried about, let’s find a big-length recliner for tall men. In this review, we have listed some best picks for tall or big men. They may find here what they are looking for. The reviewed products feature all the necessary things that should consider while picking the best recliner.

Replace your average-sized recliner with any of this best recliner that rated according to their suitability for tall people.

The 8 Best Recliners for Tall Men Comparison Table

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1.     Esright Massage Recliner Chair – Best recliners for seniors and elderly.

Are you looking for a comfy recliner that suits your height? Esright represents an aesthetic design leather recliner. This great recliner not only fits your needs of maximum height but also provides you with great comfort and reliability.

Accompanying several useful features along with the quality upholstery and moderate pricing. It also facilitates you with the heated massage to make your body relax.

Made up of high-quality PU leather that is soft enough to feel you like you are up in the clouds while sitting on it. The sturdy material recliner guarantees a long-term service.

The back and armrest cushions are padded with the extra thick sponge to give your back and arms an exclusive comfy feel after a long day of intensive work.

This outclassed massage chair comes up with a 140-degree recline control function that is controlled manually by the persons. It includes a power cord and remote control that gives you an excellent benefit to switching your favorite massage mode whenever you want.

Furthermore, this massage chair gives you an extra storage space to put your magazines, newspapers, and whatever you want to place there. Include all parts and instructions for easy assembly.

Quick features:

  • 360-degree swivel: Now enjoy the massage with the 360-degree swivel feature. This chair provides you with outstanding reclining and rocking features.
  • Two-cup holders: This massage chair gives you numerous functions at one time. It includes two cup-holders for the quick and easy placement of drinks and beverages without using any additional table.
  • Five control modes: It features five control modes that utilize to turn-on the massage mode and reclining functions along with two intensity levels. Now enjoy your massage at home.
  • Sturdy and soft PU leather: Quality products are always on the top of customer’s choice. This is a sturdy material premium quality chair constructed with the PU leather.

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  • Sleek design
  • Provide lumbar support
  • Provide extra comfortability
  • Sturdy construction
  •  Heated massage function
  • The footrest is difficult to close


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2.     MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner – Best heavy duty recliners.

Do you want to purchase a massage recliner that will support your height and size? Hit on this chair. It is the best option for those who are in search of a heavy-duty massage chair for themselves.

MAGIC UNION power lift massage recliner is a unique and excellent chair for taller persons. Come in a sleek and classic design that gives a very charming look to your living room than other traditional models recliner in the living room area.
It includes a power lift function for tall men so that they can easily stand up by lift the entire chair up from its base. This function is controlled by the remote control, so you don’t need to do it manually.

Furthermore, the recline function is also powered by remote control. So you can enjoy your massage with these incredible features that offers you a luxurious seating experience. Additionally, it accompanies two different intensity massage settings.

Quick features:

  •  Sturdy frame: Constructed with the solid wooden frame that can hold up to the weight of 300 lbs that is the best choice in that category.
  • Recline and lift functions: Reclining and lift features are controlled by the remote control that offers you to make adjustments according to your moments. Include a quiet motor that gives better performance and longer service lifespan.
  • Multiple massage functions: The robust chair incorporates five massage modes that are pulse, press, auto, normal, and wave that focuses on four massage areas included leg, thigh, lumbar, and back. It gives you a pleasant massage on your demand.
  • Heated massage: It is the best massage for lumbar and is specially designed for back. The combination of massage and heat is incredible that gives your back enough relief to get up and move more freely.
  • Storage and cup-holders: You get two side-pockets for storage and two handy cup holders that add an excellent addition to this chair.


  • Sturdy material
  • Heated back
  • Multiple massage options
  • Comfortable
  • Assembly is straightforward

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  • The heated massage is limited to the lumbar region



3.     Signature Design by Ashley Ludden Rocker Recliner Cocoa – Best recliners for sleeping.

If you need to buy a beautifully designed recliner, then this might be an ideal option for you to pick. Indeed, this is one of the best recliners for a tall man that combines style and functionality together.

This is a signature design recliner presented by Ashley Ludden. Designed to provide high comfortability to the tall men. It brings a comfort zone when sitting on it that gives you a pleasant feel to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Give an elegant look to your living room with this incredible recliner. It mainly attracts by the catchy cocoa color that is preferable for those who love to design their home with brownish color products.

A luxury chair that styled with the puckered stitching and divided by the bustling design makes this chair more attractive and comfortable.
Furthermore, the pillow top armrests make it a more restful place to rest. To bring out the footrest operation, it includes an exterior handle for standard recline.

Quick features:

  • Gentle rocking motion: This modern rocker recliner comes with the gentle rocking motion feature that helps to give you a soft and comfy feel. It will provide you with the feeling like you are wrapped in the total comfort area.
  • Metal construction: Sturdy frame constructed with the metal to ensure its durability and reliability. The corners-blocked structure designed by the metal.
  • Easy assembly: Effortless to install and assemble. Come with easy guidelines to follow while assembling it.
  • Deep cushion comfort: The entire recliner is wrapped with cushions that ensure comfortability. The high-resiliency foam cushions packed in polyester upholstery that gives an ultra-soft feel to your body.
  • Reclining mechanism: Easy one-pull reclining motion provides you with an easy way to move you back and relax quickly.
  • Generous size
  • Durable polyester upholstery
  • Comfortable
  •  Rocker base
  •  Hard cushions



4.     Irene House Power Modern Transitional Lift Chair Recliners – Best big and tall recliners.

Are you tired of traditional average-sized chairs that are not appropriate for your height? Here comes the best option for you that will give you not only comfortability but also a long-term service.

This classic design recliner presented by the Irene House company that always comes up with quality products. Manufactured and powered by a german brand called Okin motor. It is a dual motor power lift chair that serves two functions at one time.

The first function is the power lift function that is perfect for taller persons for secure standing, whereas the second is the reclining function that makes this a recliner sofa chair. It softly and quickly reclines the chair with one hit of a button.

Moreover, this chair runs on dual-motor working. The back and footrest both work on different motors and also controlled by separate buttons.

Quick features:

  • Classic design: Comes with the classic design that serves you with a variety of functionalities and features. Rich in design and functions make this recliner more preferable than its similar products.
  • Power lift function: It features a power lift function for those who are taller and have difficulty while standing from an average-sized chair. This chair is best suitable for tall men.
  • Weight-capacity: This sturdy material recliner chair can supports up to the 300 lbs weight capacity. An ideal option for the seniors and for those with who have surgeries or back problems.
  • Multi-functional: A multi-purpose and multi-functional chair that serves you in various situations. Whether watch TV or take some rest, this chair helps you in all your mood swings. Extended footrest ensures a restful place for you to stretch and take some rest.
  • Storage: Attached side pockets allow users to store their magazines, newspapers, phones, or any kind of accessory in it. A convenient place to store the remote.
  • Upholstered in premium quality leather
  • Durable solid frame
  • Sturdy construction
  • Filled with high-density sponge
  • Slightly narrow  design



5.     Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner – Best lazy boy recliner for back pain.

If you are looking for a space-saving chair for a taller person, then you have come to the right place. Domesis comes up with the ultimate option for those who need to purchase a compact design recliner chair for their home use.

This power lift chair is a wall hugger that is perfect for those who don’t want to go for space fully reclined. Integrated two buttons control the up and down movement of this space-saving chair.

The back-rest and seat are fully padded with the plush high-density foam to give your back and legs much relaxation. Covered in a Renu leather that ensures the durability of this sofa.

Furthermore, the right amount of padded cushions in the back gives you lumbar support and comfy feel after an intensive day of hard work. It only takes a maximum of 10 minutes to assemble.

Quick features:

  • Reclining mechanism: This is the most essential feature of any reclining chair. Likewise, this chair features a reclining mechanism to provide you with maximum relaxation and comfort.
  • Renu leather: Upholstered in a durable and premium quality Renu leather that is breathable and durable. When touching this Renu leather chair, it gives you feel like top grain leather.
  • Power lift feature: Power lift feature is specially integrated into most reclining chairs to lift you up when you want to stand up, especially when a taller person needs to stand up.
  • Ergonomic support: The ergonomic design chair fully wrapped with the plush high-density foam. The entire sofa covers with the right amount of cushion in the back, seat, and legs to give you a comfy feel during rest.
  • Side-pocket: Accompanies side pockets for convenient storage. Now you don’t need to get up and place your magazine or phone here, and there, you can easily put your accessories in the side pockets of this chair.
  • Ultra-comfy recliner
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Breathable leather
  • A complicated design with limited recline



6.     By Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle – Best Oversized recliners.

Have you ever tried a power lift reclining chair in which style and functionality merged together? If not, then you should try this chair. The signature design power lift chair offered by the Ashley Yandel that provides you with an ultimate option to pick.

It facilitates you with the contemporary power lift function that used to give you the facility of a secure standing. With just one hit on a power lift button, it lifts up to support your back and raise your legs for the ultimate reclining experience.

The high back with integrated thick padded cushions specially designed to provide ultimate lumbar support and comfort. It is straightforward to assemble. The package includes easy-to-follow instructions, the required tools, and hardware.

Moreover, it comes in a generous size. This oversized recliner is 35-inches broader and 40-inches deeper. The estimated height of the entire recliner is 69-inches.

Quick features:

  • Corner-blocked frame: The whole frame and structure of this chair are made up of sturdy metal that ensures high durability of this chair. The edges are metal strengthened that is strong enough to hold up maximum weight capacity.
  • Faux leather: The padded cushions and pillows are tightly packed into the faux leather. This faux leather seat gives an impressive look to the users.
  • Smooth brown upholstery: This impressive faux leather designed chair looks like the leather. But the matter of fact, this brown saddle chair is a thick poly fiber chair that gives a cozy feel.
  • Dual-motors: Accompanies two motors that are powerful enough to provide you with the opportunity to lean back and lift your legs independently.
  • Powerful chair
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Remote-controlled function
  • Spacious seat
  • High back and seat
  • The seat is firm and deep



7.     PU Leather Padded Seat Backrest – Best recliner for hip pain.

Taller persons usually feel discomfort when they sit on an average-sized recliner. To sort out this issue, recliner chair proposes an optimal solution for maximum height persons. They come up with one of the best recliners that are high in performance and comfortability.
King recliner design made up of premium quality durable fabric that ensures long-term use of this chair. This incredible chair is perfect for taller and big persons with a maximum height of 6 ft 8.

It is able to hold up the maximum weight limit of 62 pounds at a time. When it is in the fully-reclined state, it looks like a king-size mattress that covers the floor. Equipped an easy to use the handle to open and close the footrest.

Additionally, the tan rocker recliner function comprises a glide rocking motion that gives you soothing comfort. Firmly packed with a tan cover and high-resiliency cushion makes this chair more comfortable and durable.

Quick features:

  • Sturdy material: The sturdy frame is made up of a high carbon steel angle rail. The seat suspension constructed with the welded steel coil along with 9 heavy-duty coils. The resiliency padded cushion and the arms frame are also made with steel.
  • Patented reclining mechanism: The integrated patented reclining mechanism constructed from seven-gauge steel that ensures the life-time warranty of this chair.
  • Extra-large size: This extra-large sized chair is best suitable for taller persons that accommodate heights up to six foot eight.
  • Extra-padded: It includes large tufted-back seats along with the packed cushioned pillow-top arms and a heavily padded chaise that gives you feel like you are in an ultra-comfort zone.
  • Comfortable
  • 62 pounds weight capacity
  • Simple-to-use reclining mechanism
  • Extra-large size recliner
  • The seat padding is not firm



8.     VH FURNITURE Traditional and Classical Type in Brown Seat – Best recliner reviews.

If you are searching for a traditional style recliner for tall men, then this is the only one best pick for you. VH furniture presents a classic and traditional style recliner chair with all the necessary functions that are mainly found in such types of chairs.

Tightly packed overstuffed cushions are covered with the top-quality leather material that ensures its reliability and durability.
The most important feature to describe is that its seat is extra-large in size. It is enough large-sized seat that two persons can share it easily.
Additionally, it includes a handle on its side for the easy adjustment of backrest and footrest. Furthermore, it is a high-quality chair with a premium leather cover that creates a comfort zone for the users and bring happiness to their lives.

Quick features:

  • Top-quality material: Constructed with high-quality material. The entire recliner is made up of padded cushions that are covered with the top grain leather.
  • Extra space: This classic and traditional design is large enough to hold up two persons at a time. The padded seat is big that two persons can sit over it.
  • Recliner: The most essential feature of this chair that makes it worth-considering. The padded footrest and backrests are adjustable by the use of the handle to enjoy your favorite shows in your required position.
  • Long-lasting: Specially designed with sturdy material for providing long-term services. The top-grain leather ensures the durability of this chair.
  • Traditional design
  • Extra-large space
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality leather
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest
  • Comfortable recliner
  • No special features



Frequently Asked Questions

1)     What is the best recliner for tall men?

When we come to the point of the best recliner, it depends on the construction, size, comfort features, and material. We suggested you buy the MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner that is best in this category.

2)     Do the recliners need exceptional help to assemble?

It depends on the model you are going to purchase. Some models don’t need special instructions to assemble, whereas some need specialized tools and guidance to assemble. Like the Esright massage recliner chair, don’t need any comprehensive instructions to setup.

3)     Which recliner best supports the power lift feature?

All the recliners are best for the power lift feature. But the best one is Domesis Renu leather power lift recliner that is perfect for the taller man for secure standing. This feature is specially integrated into recliners for taller persons.


The bottom line is we have reviewed the best recliners for tall men. So if you are a taller person and need to purchase a comfy recliner chair that not only rich in features but also in design, then you should overview this list mentioned above.
All of the listed products have positive reviews from the majority of the customers, and their disadvantages are not so critical that they affect their major functionalities. So we assure you that by investing in any of these recliners you will never get disappointed.  Come and get the best pick for tall men.

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