How to Clean a Gaming Chair

How to Clean a Gaming Chair?

The gaming chair must be very important to you. Not because it is expensive, but you get to spend most of the time sitting on that. So, you want to make sure that it lasts long with you.  It is only probable when you maintain it generously by cleaning it and keeping it safe.


So, a big question is: How to clean a Gaming chair?

How to Clean a Gaming Chair

We are going to discuss some tips and suggestions that you can consider while cleaning your gaming chair.

First of all, cleaning a gaming chair depends on the type of chair you have. Many best gaming chairs come with a user manual that tells you precisely what you can do to clean it. However, usually vacuuming and washing the covers involve in the cleaning process.

Let’s explore in detail what you can do to clean a gaming chair.

Know the Type

It is vital to know about the upholstery of your gaming chair. It will help you discover best and easy methods to clean a gaming chair. There are four common types of upholstery of a chair. PU leather, Fabric, Mesh and PVC Leather.

Dusting or Vacuuming

After knowing the type of a chair, let’s move to the next step. It is cleaning the chair.

You can use a Vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle to clean the dust particles from backrest or seat covers. You can also wash seat covers and make them dry with a help of dryer. Also, you can use foam cleaner to wash away dust. But it all depends on how dirty your chair is, and if you vacuum your chair more often, you won’t need to wash it every now and then.

Make sure you wash the fabric chair. You can clean the leather ones with vacuum only.

Casters of the Gaming Chair

Usually hair or any particle gets stuck in the rollers of gaming chair and it may cause trouble in moving it. Don’t worry; you can easily pull away the trash by removing casters from the base and use a pair of scissors or screwdriver to turn the roller. When it is turning, use tweezers to cut and remove the particles.

Remove Stains

It is quite common to get stains on the chair. You may like to eat fries with ketchup or drink coffee while playing your favorite game and it may slip through your hand. No worries; we do have something to cope up with stubborn stains.

You can use a detergent with water to remove stains from fabric. If the stains are stubborn, then you want to use fabric foam cleaner. And for leather type, I suggest you to use a damp cloth right away and the stain won’t stay.

Tips and Suggestions to keep a gaming chair clean

  • If you have any pet, I suggest you to keep it away from chair to save the surface and covers from damage.
  • Try to place it away from direct sunlight, as it may damage the color and material.
  • In case of any stubborn stain, wipe it off with a wet cloth immediately.
  • Wash the cushions and pillows more often to maintain it for a longer period.


Final words

At last, it is obvious that a console gaming chair needs a good care. If you apply the above tips and suggestions to clean your gaming chair, then it may be enough to make your chair extends its lifespan. I hope this article will answer your question; how to clean a gaming chair and will help you positively.

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