How to Clean an Office Chair? MUST READ

If you’re working from home or office, you must need a proper office chair. The chair is the most used part of furniture because you almost spend eight hours working on that. Of course, when you use it for a more extended period every day, there is a chance of it to get dirty more often. You may split your lunch or coffee on it while working.


How to Clean an Office Chair?

So the question arises: How to clean an office chair? Cleaning is must because the lifespan of the chair depends on it. You have to maintain it properly, so it won’t disappoint you in performance.

You don’t have to think about its cleaning process, and we are going to give you some new tips and suggestions that you can consider while cleaning your office chair. Let’s explore each one of them.

Always remember when you buy a chair, it comes with a user manual which tells you how exactly you can clean it. Different types of upholstery demand a different cleaning method. So, you should check the cleaning tag and act accordingly. But, we are going to discuss some most common types of cleaning methods that you can consider to save your time.


Cleaning codes on upholstery Tags

These are the different cleaning codes that you can see in the upholstery tag of your office chair. It can help you learn how to clean an office chair properly.

W: It is the most common type, which means water. It infers that you can use water to wash and clean your office chair.

S: The code “S” on your upholstery tag tells you to clean your office chair with water-free solvent only.

W/S: Yes, you guessed it right. This code represents that you can either use water or solvent to clean your office chair.

X: It suggests you should only use a vacuum or brush to clean up the mess on the chair. Please avoid using the water as it may damage the chair.

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Dealing with Stains

First of all, don’t let the stains stay longer on the chair. Wipe away instantly with a damp cloth.

But, in case of a stubborn stain, you have to use a proper cleaning method to deal with it. It is advised to clean your office chair in a ventilated area to avoid any unfortunate experience. Besides, if you’re using any detergent or foam cleaner with water, then you should first clean the small portion or surface of the chair.

Vacuum Cleaner for Dust

It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your office chair properly. It helps in removing any dust particles, no matter where they hide.

Moreover, if you vacuum your chair more often and maintain it, you’ll increase its lifespan.

Avoid direct Sunlight

Try to keep your office chair safe from direct Sunlight. The sun rays are more likely to damage the colour and material of the chair.

Try to place the chair in a shady area of your office to not compromise on its maintenance.


Final Words

Investing in the best office chair doesn’t hurt, but seeing it damaging before time may result in huge disappointment. It only needs proper care and maintenance to make it reliable and enhance the lifespan.

I know you don’t have extra time to spend on the cleaning your office chair in the middle of a hectic day. But these are some tips and suggestions that you can apply time to time to protect it. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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