How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair

How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair?

It is just one of those days. You reach your office overloaded with deadlines but maintain a strict schedule, grab your coffee cup, and move to start working diligently when; it atrociously goes *squeak!* Does that mean you urgently need to purchase a new chair? Fortunately, no.

Squeaky chairs can be categorized into three basic types: Traditional wooden chairs, armchairs, and work/gaming chairs. In traditional wooden chairs, fixing the squeak is a reasonably general task. It’s mostly an issue with loose screws under the chair. On the other hand, armchairs’ legs tend to be heavier and sturdier because they have to carry the weight of the padded seat. The legs and the springs inside the mattress could both be a pressing issue if not reverted. With squeaky office and gaming chairs, their reclining mechanisms could simply start “whirring.” In short, you can determine the issues by rocking around in the chair for the source of the clatter, especially if it’s a revolving office chair.How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair

How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair?

  1. Clean rusted parts and tighten screws

For the squeaky screws, turn the chair in whichever position you’re comfortable – preferably upside down as the legs place most nails that are an infuriation. If the chair is assembled with nuts and bolts, you can use a drill or bolt remover bits. Use a screwdriver and tighten any loose nails. Even try to tauten the parts that don’t appear loose so that they don’t exhaust you later and cause certain chair parts to rub together irregularly, creating a creaky noise.

If you don’t have a lubricant at home (i.e., WD40), you can use a toothbrush or a ball of steel wool in vinegar to clean the rust. You can apply it to the parts while already on the chair, strip the parts with a drill, and clean them properly.

  1. Apply Glue or Wood-swelling Liquid

Applying wooden glue to the raucous causing parts of the chair may be able to hold parts together for longer. Remember, craft glue may not work in such cases as its adhesion is unfit for hard solid objects. Applying it allows the chair time to rest, so the glue dries up quickly and doesn’t come loose in the future.

Consequently, the office chairs may squeak due to the shrinking of dowels in their legs. Remove the legs and then apply wood-swelling liquid, which serves to be more effective than glue and more longlasting.

  1. Fix the coils

If the sound prevails, it could be just the springs that can be easily fixed using a Teflon Thread Seal Tape. Once you disassemble the chair, rubbing the tape in between the springs will lessen the pressure among them, thereby removing the abhorring noise.

  1. Final thoughts

A squeaky office chair can certainly be a nuisance; therefore, if all the methods fail for you, it might be time to replace the rickety piece of furniture with a new and improved one for your peace of mind.

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