What is best massage chair

What is best massage chair?

We know work can be stressful, and massage can be a perfect solution to this dilemma. But the long wait in massage parlour discourages the idea of taking the massage. We are always looking for convincing, and that’s what we have found by the great invention of chair massage. The chair massage is specially constructed for the people who do not have much time to go to a parlour and want a simple, quick massage.

What is best massage chair

History Of Chair Massage:

The chair massage technique was established by David Palmer in 1968 and gain popularity in California in the 1980s. The origin of this technique is associated with the Japanese as the block print showed people sat on stools as they are getting a massage.


Chair Massage:

Manual manipulation in order to relieve the tension of the muscle is called a massage. As the name says it, this method involves a particular type of chair on which the client leans forward. A cradle is present into which the face is placed and a therapist certified for the job massage client’s shoulder, neck, arms and back. The massage therapist uses different types of massaging techniques in different areas and targets discomfort and tension in those specific areas.


Requirements Of A Chair Massage:

The areas with the most tension that is the hands, shoulder, back and neck are the main focus of the chair massage. No massage oil is required the massage is done with clothes on, this is the reason that this technique is dissimilar from the traditional massage method. With acupressure and kneading the therapist tries to relieve the tension present in the muscles. Like some of the other techniques of the massage, this technique is also advantageous. The time range for chair massage is around 15 to 30 min; this is why it is also considered as a short massage.


Difference between Massage Chair And Chair Massage:

The first thing that is needed to remember is that this is not a massage chair. A massage chair is a vibrating chair on which the person sits, and the vibration movement of the chair provides a massage. A massage chair can be called as an electronic massage where no therapist is present; the person only sits on the chair turn on the machine and the massage start. At the same time, the chair massage requires a therapist to do his or magic manually. The therapist quickly identifies your stress points and start doing work on them which is not the case in the massage chair, which runs consistently.



The chair massage is a great way to release the stress in just 15 min. This technique is very convenient because one can have a massage anywhere, they want whenever they want. Many companies adding this to their office perks so they can retain their best and old employees. It is an affordable, immediate, useful and valuable addition in the workplace so employees can give their 100 %.

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